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Mazda & Ford production plants

The 1998 BJ model went into production on September 29, 1998, and for most parts of the world the very last model rolled off the assembly line on October 2, 2003, including 1 major facelift and a few minor ones.

* Still involved in producing 2004/2005 BJ Models and spare parts
Corporacion Maresa
Corporation link: -
Company name: Corporacion MARESA
Address: Av. Manuel Cordova Galarza Km 12 1/2, Mitad del Mundo, Quito, Ecuador
  Tel: +593-2-2396-178
Fax: +593-2-2396-703
E-mail: jfmolina@mazda.ec

Intro: Manufactures, Aramduria Y Repuestos Ecuatorianos S.A. was founded in Quito back in 1976 for the asembly and distribution of truck. This was the first automobile assembler in the country. During more than 25 years the company has assembled more than 75000 vehicles on CKD basis including Ford Couriers, Toyota pick-ups, Fiat Unos and Mitsubishi Lancers. Currently only Mazda models are being produced.
Production in 2003: 3392 units. Mazda Allegro: 632, B-series: 2770 units.

Ford Lio Ho Motor Company*
Corporation link: Ford
Company name: Ford Lio Ho Motor Co
Address: 705 Chung Hwa Road, Sec. 1, Chung Li
  Tel: +886-3-455-3131
URL: www.ford.com.tw

Intro: Ford Lio Ho Motor Co. is a joint venture between Ford Motor Co in the USA with the local Lio Ho Machinery Group (with 70% and 30% ownership, respectively), which was set up in 1972 to both market and assemble Ford products locally. It currently assembles the Mazda 323 and Premacy both in Mazda and Ford guises and the Ford Mondeo saloon.

2005: STILL producing the Mazda Isamu Genki for the Asian market.

Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers Ltd.*
Corporation link: -
Company name: Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers Ltd.
Address: P.O. Box 1436, Thika, Kenya
  Tel: +254-151-21711
Fax: +254-151-31434
URL: www.kvm.co.ke

Intro: Cooper Motor Corporation was set up in 1948 by two Englishen, Mr. Allen and Mr Cooper to distribute Land Rovers.
In 1971 Cooper Motor Corporation Limited changed its name to CMC Holdings Limited. In 1974 33 per cent of Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers Ltd (KVM) shares were obtained. KVM produces Land Rover jeeps, Nissan vans, Mercedes commercial vehicles, a Mazda and other models. Capacity is 6600 vehicles per yer, but only a framgnet of that amoung is being assembled each year.

Mazda Motor Co. LTD.
Corporation link: Ford
Company name: Mazda Motor Co Ltd
Address: 3-1 Shinchi, Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima-ken, 735-0028
  Tel: +81-3-82-282-1111
Fax: +81-3-82-287-5188
URL: www.mazda.co.jp

Intro: Mazda became the first Japanese automaker to receive a foreign president from Ford Motor Company in 1996. Ford took a 33.4% stake in Mazda shares.

Until the early 1970s, Mazda had been in a growing period. It attracted worldwide attention to the world’s first rotary-engine car,Cosmo Sport, in 1967, and enjoyed continued growth of both domestic and export sales of Mazda vehicles over the years.

In the mid-1970s, the company experienced an overall down-turn of its business after the Oil Shock.

So far Mazda is the only automotive company still refining the rotary-engine. Also their new Zoom-zoom era brought us many exciting vehicles, like the Mazda6 (Atenza), Mazda2 (Demio) and the Mazda3 (Axela).
Domestic production was 716497 units between January and December, 2002 with total sales of 729060 units during the same period.

In 2003 801084 cars were produced in Japan. Here's the list by models: Demio (Mazda2): 89286, Familia: 154405, Premacy: 30948, Roadster (aka MX-5): 30106, Tribute/Ford Escape: 26063, Atenza (Mazda6): 174699, Axela (Mazda3): 86452, RX8: 60100, MPV: 75702, Bongo Frindee: 3020, T-Series: 12614, E-series: 55335, Others: 2354. Overseas production: 178220 passenger cars and 62601 commercial vehicles.

FAW-Hainan Automobile Corp. Ltd. (FHC)*
Corporation link: FAW
Company name: FAW-Hainan Automobile Corp. Ltd. (FHC)
Address: Jinpan Industry Development Zone Haikou City 570216 Hainan Province
  Tel: +86898-6819123/ 6812480/ 6812466
Fax: +86898-6814083/ 6817828/ 6811784
E-mail: fhc@hq.cninfo.net
URL: www.hnmazda.com

Intro: Hainan Island in South China is famous for its test track, where all the important Chinese motor vehicles have been tested. In 1990 the Hainan Auto Works developed a car of the Huaxing type, which was sold as Hainan HX 7080. Numerous Mazda cars and modified versions followed. By the mid 1990s the company became part of the First Auto Works Group
In June 2001 Haima started assembly of the Mazda Premacy, powered by a 1.8-litre engine. Besides the old HMC 6470L, a Mazda 929-based estate and the Familia (323) is being produced.
In 2003 42381 units of the Familia were assembled.

2005: STILL producing the Haima 323 for the Asian market.

Ford Vietnam
Corporation link: Ford
Company name: Ford Vietnam, Ltd
Address: 163 Hai Ba Trung St. 4/F, Dist 3, Ho Chi Minh City
  Tel: +84-8-825-0545
Fax: +84-8-825-0546
URL: www.ford.com.vn

Intro: In September 1995, a formal joint-venture agreement was signed between the Ford Motor Company and Song Cong Diesel Company to establish Ford Vietnam Limited, with investment capital of US$102 millions, of which 75 percent was contributed by Ford Motor Company and 25 percent by Song Cong Diesel Company. The assembly plant is located in Haiduong province, 55km east of Hanoi. The plant production’s total area of 17,400 square meters has enabled it to equip production lines and assemble both trucks and cars simultaneously. The plant’s total production capacity is 14,000 vehicles per annum in a 2-shift scheme.

Compañía Colombiana Automotriz S.A.
Corporation link: Mazda
Company name: Compañía Colombiana Automotriz S.A.
Address: Calle 13 No. 38-54 Apdo Aereo 80342 Santa Fe de Bogota
  Tel: +57-1-351-3848
URL: www.mimazda.com

Intro: The history of Mazda in Colombia goes back to the 1980s when the first dealership was set up. Later, in 1983 it was decided that an assembly plant should be established and it was realized with assistance from both Mazda Motor Corp. and Sumitomo Corp. In October, 1983 the first Mazda B-1600 rolled off the line in Bogota. Various other models, such as the 323, 626 were added to the portfolio and in 1992 export commenced to Venezuela and Ecuador.
But hard times fell upon the company two years later, when the devaluation of yen hit Mazda in Japan.
Between 1999-2000 the new 626 and the Allegro were introduced to the local market.
In May, 2002 Mazda Motor Corp. took over the shares of Sumitomo Corp. and became the sole owner of the company.

Bahman Group Company / Mazda Iran
Company name: Bahman Group Company
Address: No.4, Chehelsotoun St., Fatemi Sq., P.O.Box : 14335-1468, Tehran
  Tel: +98-21-602-8010
Fax: +98-21-602-8945
E-mail: bmom@bahmangroup.com
URL: www.bahmangroup.com

Intro: This company was foundedion 1952 as a shipping and forwarding agent under the name of Iran Khalidj Co. Vehicle assembly started in 1959, based on the licence purchased from the Japanese Mazda company. The first products were light duty pick ups. After Islamic revolutions in 1979, the IDRO (Industrial Development and Renovation Organization affiliated to Ministry of Industry) office bought more than 50 per cent of the stocks. In 1990 privatization started and the company was floated on the Teheran Stock Exchange. From 1998 the company continues its activity as a holding company with the name of Bahman Group. Currently they assemble the B2000 truck and the 323 models of the Mazda family.

Auto Alliance, Thailand*
Corporation link: Ford
Company name: AutoAlliance (Thailand) Co Ltd
Address: Eastern Seaboard,Industrial Estate,49 Moo 4, Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140
  Tel: +66-38-954-111
URL: www.autoalliance.co.th

Intro: Ford and Mazda decided to establish an assembly plant in Thailand in 1994. Pilot production of the firt truck started three years later. From 2000 passenger cars are also being assembled. Currently Ford and Mazda pick-ups with the Mazda 323 family and its Ford version, the Laser are manufactured by approx. 2000 employees. Production rate is about 100000 complete cars and an additional 35000 CKDs.

2005: STILL producing the Mazda Familia for the Asian market.