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Prefacelift vs. Facelift
The differences between the 1998 and the 2000 body models

The 98-00 version of the Mazda BJ will be referred to as PFL or "Prefacelift" and
The 01-03 version of the Mazda BJ will be referred to as FL or "Facelift" series.

In Australia they're often referred as BJI (BJ1) and BJII (BJ2).

In Japan they have different names, e.g. BJ5W or BJFP
BJ3 = 1.3l engine
BJ5 = 1.5l engine
BJ8 = 1.8l engine
BJF = 2.0l engine
BJE = 2.0l Diesel engine model.
W = stands for " Wagon"
P = stands for "Sedan".


1998.8 - 2000.11 (Prefacelift)
prefacelift mazda 323   prefacelift mazda 323
Prefacelift Exclusive Model   PreFacelift Sportive Model


2000.12 - 2003.10 (Facelift)
prefacelift mazda 323   prefacelift mazda protege
Facelift Exclusive Model   Facelift Sportive Model


2000.12 - 2003.10 (Special models)
prefacelift mazda protege sedan   mazda familia field break
US Sedan model
The lower part is designed by Ford to serve the american market.
  Field Break Model
"MM More Mazda" offroad / UV series
mazda 323 etude navisports   mazdaspeed protege
NaviSports & Etude 2003 model
Exclusive trim with Erebuni front skirt, available as seperate accessory in other countries.
  Mazdaspeed Protege (MSP)
The 1st version in North America


How to tell if Facelift or Prefacelift

It's very important to be able to tell a PFL from an FL model to know if an aftermarket body part fits your car or not. Look at the pictures above, look at the pictures in the gallery section and understand, that looking at the front lights is the fastest and the only 100% reliable method to tell a PFL from a FL body model.

1998.8 - 2000.11
Front/Corner lights are 2 DEVICES & the bumper runs in a straight line under the lights.
  2000.12 - 2003.10
Front light + corner lights are a 1 device and the bumper runs in a "spiky" way right behind the corner lights.

Even if you buy an aftermarket bumper, headlights etc. for your year model, that doesn't automatically mean that it will fit without any modifications. Exclusive/Sportive models also have different mounting points, some wiring etc., so some additional parts must be bought. But it can all be done !

Prefaclift / Facelift's YEARS differentiation is not universally valid !

Despite of Mazda's official model lineup (98-00 vs 01-03), some countries chose not to follow those guidelines and used the FL / PFL body models freely throughout the years.
Take a look at those:
Taiwan (2005 Isamu Genki model) and South Africa (2001 Mazda Etude model) .
Those are still PFL front body models but still with the newer engines which were actually built into the FL front body models in most parts of the world.
In other countries (like Australia or in South America) it's vice versa. They sold FL front body models with engines that were actually "outdated" (FP 1.8liter).

REMEMBER THIS when you look for aftermarket stuff in other parts of the world!
If you buy BODY parts = Stick to the FL/PFL differences.
If you buy PERFORMANCE parts = Always stick to the engine & transmission code names.

After all it looks like one big confusion, a total chaos in the Mazda & Ford model policy. I don't believe that's true.
The fact that there are so many models out there, fitted to the market they were released in, made the BJ series a good selling product, although customer's always were disappointed because they didn't have item/accessory [xyz], which was a standard item in country [zzz] etc...
[My Personal comment]
Nevermind. That's what my site is all about: Making it possible for you to get a grip on parts that were not meant for you 8-) Make use of this, it's worth it.