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mazda bj
faq & diy
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Mazda BJ wheels

OEM Lug pattern
Gas 1.3-1.8 liter
4/100 mm with 54.1mm Centerbore.
Gas 2.0 liter 5/114.3 mm
Exception: the 2002 DX & LX models had 2liter engines but a 4/100 lug pattern.
with 67.1mm Centerbore.

Offsets are usually
+50 for steel rims
+45 for OEM alloy rims
+55 for MazdaSpeed Protegé
+45 (~5x14") to +40 (~7x17") for official accessory rims
If you want to know if a combination will rub:
This depends on: breadth of tires + offset + lowered yes/no
A lot of manufacturers offer lists/certificates in which the valid sizes/tires/offsets are described. It's hard to make a rule of thumb since the different BJ models have different chassis dispositions. My rule of thumb is:
205/40 // 17x7" // Offset +42 // without lowering = still works
205/40 // 17x7" // Offset +40 // with 30mm lowering = sir rub'a'lot

OEM rims
...who builds them ?
The BJ Series is mainly supported by 3 companies:
Hitachi, Enkei (which also owns Racing Hart) , Fondmetal and it's daughter Radius.
If you look through their 1998-2001 product galleries you will find most of the BJ's OEM rims.

Mazda rims
official OEM or accessory rims for the BJ series
  6x14 - 1404-v3-810
  6x14 - 1405-v3-810
7x15 - 1509-v3-810
7x16 - 1606-v3-810
7x17 - 1706-v3-810
  7,5x17 - 1708-v3-810
  7x15 - 1511-v3-810
  6x14 - 1402-v3-810
7x15 - 1501-v3-810
7x16 - 1601-v3-810
  7x15 - 1503-v3-810
7x16 - 1603-v3-810
7x17 - 1701-v3-810
  7,5x17 - 1703-v3-810
  7x15 - 1505-v3-810
  7x15 - 3600-78-024 (chrome)
7x15 - 3600-78-021 (silver)
mazda familia protege 323 a-spec wheels   6.5x15 - QMST-35-6535

These are the "MS-Touring" wheels from the A-Spec Package, available in 4/100 and 5/114.3 +35 offset
mazda familia protege 323 a-spec wheels   7x17 - 9965-12-7070

These are the MazdaSpeed Enkei (produced under the "Racing Hart" brand ) rims, 5/114.3 lug pattern only.
You will need the corresponding center caps: B33M-37-190 (which are REALLY expensive!)

Aftermarket rims
companies who produce decent wheels
1000Miglia (Ita) Borbet (Ger) RacingHart (South Africa)
5zigen (US) / 5Zigen (Jap) DBV (Ger) Radius (Ita)
ADR (US) Dezent (Ger) RH Alurad (Ger) / RH (US)
AEZ Wheels (Ger) Enkei (US) Rial (Ger)
Alessio (Ita) Epic Wheels (US) Ronal (Ger) / Ronal (US)
Alutec (Ger) Exclusive Line (Ger) RotaWheels (US)
Artec (Ger) / Artec (US) Fondmetal (Italy) Shaper (Ger)
ATS (Ger) Momo (Italy) TSW (Ger)
Autech (Ger) OZ (Italy) / OZ (Ger) Zenetti (Ita)
Binno (US) Quantum Tek (US)  
You might need this stuff
  (4 pcs) 0000-88-120C

You might want wheel locks for anti theft measures (only fit the stock rims)
  M12 x 1,5 60°
(1 pc) Stock alloys: B002-37-160A (chrome plated)
(1 pc) For large rims: 1402-v3-861 (small diameter)

Tuner lug nuts (Universal fit for large rims):
Kyokugen (JAP)
McGard (International)
Muteki (US) 
  (1 pc) 4100-77-903Z or NA01-68-070 (stock rims only)

additionally get an automatic torque wrench to tighten the nuts properly (with aluminium or steel rims, it's always 90-110 nm torque (depending on the lug nuts you have to use; the specific numbers should be given to you by the wheel manufacturer.)
  Tire repair sprays & foams are very useful if you decide to throw out your emergeny replacement wheel from the trunk, like I did 8-)
Watch out that the spray/foam you buy is suitable for CAR tires, too.