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Mazda BJ Seats, Belts, Harness
Security and comfort
In many countries legal problems can occur if you replace an airbag equipped seat with an aftermarket one. Therefore a lot of seat manufacturers offer aftermarket seats with airbags and a way to adapt them to your car's airbag signal units, including a corresponding certificate. If your aftermarket seats have no airbag your car's airbag sensors have to be reprogrammed, which is a bit expensive. So watch out what you're buying....

Racing seats, medic seats etc
recaro koenig corbeau mazdaspeed seats mazda protege 323 familia   Seats can help you improve comfort, security and appearance.

Koenig (GER)
Recaro (GER) / Recaro (US)
Corbeau (US) / Corbeau (UK)
Sparco (ITA) / Sparco (US) / Sparco (JAP)
Bride (JAP)
Momo (ITA)
FK (GER) / FK (US)
Scheelmann (DEN)

Seat clothes...
leather recaro koenig corbeau mazdaspeed seats mazda protege 323 familia   There are also cloths for your seats if you don't want to buy new seats for what reason ever... but think about it: Those seath clothes are quite expensive and if you take leather ones you will almost spend the same money as on brand new aftermarket seats.

Postert (GER)
NorthWest (US)
Katzkin (US)
NWAutoLeather (AUS)


Belts, harnesses
schroth belts harness momo sparco   Replacement belt harnesses can really improve passengers' security.


Schroth (GER)
Sparco (ITA) / Sparco (US) / Sparco (JAP)
Ricco Racing (UK)