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faq & diy
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For more Data look into the Download section
General clicks URL
VIN - how to read it (640) download
What models exist for the Familia BJ series ? - download
What are the lug pattern/offsets for wheels ? - download
What are the color codes of the car ? - download
Possibilites of Weight reduction (1922) download
What's the Part No. for the 2002+ Protege / MSP OEM Workshop manual ? (484) download
What's the difference between MSP and MPS when we talk about Mazda ? (399) download
What VIN production number has my MazdaSpeed Protegé 2003 (740) download
What VIN production number has my MazdaSpeed Protegé 2003.5 (795) download
Conversion guide for EDM Mazda 323 1998 Prefacelift models (2006.03) (504) download
Electrics & ICE clicks URL
How to read general and Mazda specific OBD2-Codes ? (662) download
How are clock/temperature wired ? (343) download
What's the default size of the Front/Rear door Speakers? (857) download
How does the ISO wiring look like? (595) download
What about the 1989-2000 Mazda Audio wiring ? (735) download
What about the 2001+ Mazda Audio wiring ? (688) download
What about the Speed signal ? (612) download
What does the "powerchip" chiptuning for the ZM engine offer? (533) download
Engine & Drivetrain clicks URL
What engines were used with the Mazda BJ ? - download
What transmissions were used with the Mazda BJ ? - download
Airflow filter comparison / Test (802) download
Exhaust theory (643) download
Short shifter comparison picture (533) download
General Shifting Techniques (687) download
General Shift Points (496) download
What spark plugs are used in the USDM Protege ? (397) download
Cam operation on the ZM-DE , FP-DE , FS-DE , FS-DET , FS-ZE engines? (532) download
ZM 1.6 litre engine management system diagnostics (1171) mazda 323 familia protege
FS 2.0 litre engine ECU pin-out (577) mazda 323 familia protege

DIY / How To
Spend your weekends improving or repairing your car.

Engine difficulty clicks URL
Fix CEL/MIL from removing cat with Non-Fouler (393) download
EGR removal and cleaning, fixing erratic idle (922) download
Check for a fragile/defective knock sensor (757) download
Cleaning the MAF sensor (1059) download
Install in-tank fuel pump (521) download
Install the Essential Speed Stage 1+2 on the Mazdaspeed Protege (560) download
Paint valve cover and exhaust heatshield manifold (618) download
DIY filled motor mounts (763) download
FS-DE camshaft installation -
Drivetrain difficulty clicks URL
Install a 03MSP shift knob to a P5 (397) download
Remove or Install tranny and LSD or disassemble gears (491) download
Install a TWM Short Shifter kit for the Protegé (507) download
Install a B&M Short Shifter kit for the Protegé (426) download
Wheels & Suspension difficulty clicks URL
Install OEM strut bar (including part numbers) (536) download
Install a CP-Racing 3point strutbar (389) download
Install Racing Beat rear sway bar (421) download
Upgrade the USDM DX/LX front brakes (404) download
Convert the USDM 4-lug-rear drums to 4-lug-rear discs protegeprotegeprotegeprotegeprotege (522) download
Front pad rotor change (584) download
Rear pad (disc) rotor change (341) download
Paint brake calipers (569) download
Paint brake rotors (464) download
Interior difficulty clicks URL
Door silencing (1212) download
Sound deadening for the doors (888) download
Deinstall gauge cluster (600) download
Disassemble gauge cluster (563) download
Lower door locks (632) download
Paint interior pieces (573) download
Remove center dash trim (radio) (982) download
Replacing A/C control panel LEDs (765) download
Door panel removal : Front (847) download
Door panel removal : Rear (1103) download
Stereo installation manual (Crutchfield 1/8) : Overview (290) download
Stereo installation manual (Crutchfield 2/8) : Factory Radio removal (325) download
Stereo installation manual (Crutchfield 3/8) : Stereo DIN install (277) download
Stereo installation manual (Crutchfield 4/8) : Front door speakers (279) download
Stereo installation manual (Crutchfield 5/8) : Front door speakers (255) download
Stereo installation manual (Crutchfield 6/8) : Rear door speakers (252) download
Stereo installation manual (Crutchfield 7/8) : Rear door speakers (249) download
Stereo installation manual (Crutchfield 8/8) : Rear door (Sedan) (248) download
Exterior difficulty clicks URL
Remove rear trunk spoiler (4 door Sedan & MSP, 5 door Hatchback) (307) download
Paint door pillars ? (476) download
Fully remove the Roof Rack (489) download
Install AutoExe wing / Brake LED relocation (442) download
Install clear bumper lenses on the Protege 5 (468) download
Paint your headlights (691) download
Removing back badges and filling holes (485) download
Shave side moldings (470) download
Stop the hatchback rear spoiler from rattling (440) download
Swap rear emblems (472) download
Swap fender markers (408) download
Install Mud flaps (542) download
Install side skirts (486) download
Electrics & I.C.E difficulty clicks URL
Speaker template: 5.5x7.5" / 6x8" for the Front (304) mazda 323 familia protege
Speaker template: 6" / 160mm for the Rear (267) mazda 323 familia protege
RCA (Cinch) Out on a OEM Headunit Version1 (378) download
RCA (Cinch) Out on a OEM Headunit Version2 (300) download
RCA (Cinch) Out on a OEM Headunit Remove Loudness Countour (248) download
RCA (Cinch) Out on a OEM Headunit AN7560 device (209) download
RCA (Cinch) Out on a OEM Headunit M62490FP device (210) download
Install OEM alarm system (294) download
Improve your whole electrical system (BIG3 method) (799) download
Remove OEM Stereo Headunit (715) download
Pulling speaker wires for the front doors (560) download
Change fog light bulbs (Sportive Bumper) (469) download
Change head light bulbs (503) download
Install HID projector headlights (651) download
Electric power windows always on (520) download
Kill door chime (628) download
Moonroof always on (318) download
Moonroof one touch automatic (416) download
Install a passenger side door lock (439) download
Programming a new remote control (623) download
Install Unichip device on a MazdaSpeed Protege (596) download
Install Greddy E-Manage (Ultimate) on the FS-DE engine (wiring) (577) download
TSB Technical Service Bulletins (USDM) - Useful for all models
mt000000144 - poor driveability (injector spray pattern) download
mt000000148 - hard start hot or cold- fuel pressure regulator download
mt000000156 - hard start/flooding/lean (coolant thermo sensor) download
mt000000450 - battery gassing/discharge due to overcharge download
mt000000499 - locate hard to find water or air leaks download
mt000000700 - front end vibration / steering shimmy after 30 min. on hwy download
mt000000820 - wet weather braking performance download
mt000000954 - license plate rattle against license plate frame download
mt000001018 - no start, vref output grounded download
mt000001261 - fuel low level warning light download
mt000001975 - high speed shake (over 60 mph) download
mt000002993 - whine from trans at aproximately 45 and 75 mph download
mt000002995 - a/t fluid cooler hose contacting no.2 engine mount download
mt000003013 - severe stumble under acceleration,"vtcs" vehicles download
mt000003245 - water leak into trunk, opened seams under tail light download
mt000003280 - DTC p0171 or p1170 with or without lack of power download
mt000003305 - O/D light flashes and p0741 & p0771 stored in memo download
mt000003320 - sun visor vanity mirror cover tears off download
mt000003332 - MIL on, DTC p0402 no driveability concern present download
mt000003374 - DTC p0300 (random mis-fire) - 1.8l coil pack download
mt000003378 - child restraint tether strap anchorage kit download
mt000003390 - steering wheel cover becomes loose download
mt000003500 - DTC p1633, p1631, p0173 unstable idle/stalling download
mt000003559 - rust on brake rotor hubs download
mt000003562 - 2.0l engine noise with cold coolant temp download
mt000003579 - 1.6l - MIL illumination - DTC p1170 download
mt000003589 - rear defroster repair kit download
mt000003597 - door lock actuator failures download
mt000003598 - front door glass won't go all the way down download
mt000003607 - alternator improvement download
mt000003618 - power door locks oscillate, or lock by themselves download
mt000003674 - alarm system sounds off - too sensitive download
mt000003676 - audio unit inop or will not eject CDs download
mt000003680 - front wheel bearing failure from axle seal download
mt000003689 - headlights dim when A/C is turned on download
mt000003706 - clunk/knock from rear suspension over bumps download
mt000003720 - trunk key cylinder cap replacement download
mt000003747 - use of refrigerant system sealer download
mt000003757 - noise from roof rack cross bars download
mt000003848 - clutch chatter during cold takeoff download
mt000003895 - A/C switch light goes out and/or flashes, warm air download
mt000003932 - LX & DX accessory spoiler connector download
mt000003946 - A/C compressor engaged, with A/C switch off download
mt000003959 - hard shifting, grinding,or no shift into 3rd gear download
mt000003995 - rear brake noise / drag, pads seized in caliper download
mt000004023 - mazdaspeed audio removal tool (mp919) download
mt000004027 - mazdaspeed protege, optimum audio control settings download
mt000004047 - coolant leak (seepage) at water return elbow download
mt000004058 - intermitent crank no start - cold ambient temps download
mt000004067 - click/pop type noise from engine dynamic damper download
mt000004073 - mazdaspeed protege - subwoofer inoperative download
mt000004124 - mazdaspeed protege - hesitation under acceleration download
mt000004176 - instrument cluster lens cracks at bottom center download
mt000004282 - mp3 & mazdaspeed, noise from front stabilizer bar download
mt000004368 - 2003.5 mazdaspeed protege, rear skirt comes loose download
mt000004369 - 2003.5 mazdaspeed protege, front air dam comes loose download
ssp56 - 99-00 protege 1.6l engine mass airflow sensor warranty extension program download
erc0702f - 99-00 protege 1.8l ignition coil dealer & owner letter download
erc0702f - 99-00 protege 1.8l ignition coil inspection and correction proceedure download
01-018/99 - all models - year 2000 compliance download
01-006/00 - 99-00 protege - exhaust resonance noise at approximately 2200-2300rpm download
01-029/02 - 00-03 all models - sulfur smell from exhaust system download
01-004/03 - 01-03 protege/protege5 - rattling noise at 1000-3000 rpm cold engine download
01-028/03 - 01-03 protege, mp3, mazdaspeed - MIL illumination (p0507) download
01-009/04 - 99-03 protege - engine hard to start download
01-005/05 - 03 & 03.5 mazdaspeed protege - hesitation or stumble under acceleration download
02-005/01 - 01 protege - racing hart wheel - rusting center cap download
02-001/03 - 00-03 all models - tire vibration concerns download
02-003/03 - 01 mp3 & 03-03.5 mazdaspeed protege - noise from rear stabilizer bar download
05-002/04 - 01-03 protege/protege5 - cracking of the A/T gear indicator lettering plate download
07-004/00 - 98-99 protege - rec/fresh air lever does not stay in the set position download
07-001/03 - 98-03 multiple models: air conditioning - musty / fishy odor download
09-007/00 - various models - cigarette lighter does nort work properly download
09-009/01 - 99-01 protege - wind noise from windshield molding download
09-012/01 - power door lock malfunctions download
09-014/01 - front door glass won't go all the way down download
09-018/01 - various models - service information for keyless entry system download
09-007/02 - 99-02 protege - trunk key difficult to insert/won't turn or cylinder flap broken download
09-010/02 - 01-02 protege manual door mirror-hard to adjust angle download
09-002/03 - 02-03.5 protege5 roof rack cross bar removal & installation instructions download
09-010/03 - multiple models - cd module malfunctions download
09-014/04 - 02-03 protege5 - unusual noise or excessive effort req. operating liftgate download
f013/96 - driveability concerns related to fuel volatility download
f014/96 - california reformulated gasoline (effect on performance, fuel economy) download
m01-009/99 - 99 protege - coolant leak at upper and lower radiator hoses download
m01-010/99 - 99 protege and 1999 miata - rattling noise from engine download
s037/96 - windshield stone chipping inspection download
s018/98 - wind noise around doors download
t015/98 - 99 protege - unintended power door lock operation download
3005c - intake manifold shutter (VCTS) download

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The infos in the DIY/HowTo files were carefully collected and displayed. The name of the original author is always included in the documents, but neither me nor the original authors can be held responsible for the content of the files. They're just for informational purposes.
Why I gather FAQs although they might be still available elsewhere is:
I have seen good FAQs or How-Tos vanish or become worthless after a short period of time. Required pictures or texts were posted on some free webspace which was cancelled by the provider or good forum threads become archived and all the pictures are simply deleted... that happens to quite a many FAQs/HowTos and all the knowledge just gets lost and nobody can benefit from it.

I don't want this to happen anymore. I hope you understand that.
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